We teach Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 karate system to all ages (adults/kids) and levels of physical capability.

Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 is an international organisation in over 21 countries around the world.

Kenpo is a comprehensive martial art or karate system for self defense, designed with one purpose in mind, “You are your Welfare”.

We encourage an environment of mutual respect, co-operation and discipline that helps build your confidence. Kenpo is a self defense system first and foremost. We focus on streetwise self defense teaching each individual to utilise their own body structure to be as effective weapon as possible. Kenpo employs the use of concepts and principles of motion like physics, geometry and mathematics to assist with learning the system.

NZ Development Squad

Item Date: 06-Sep-2014

bullet We have chosen a larger squad this year to include more students, ultimately increasing the skill level of students in preparation for the World Cup in 2015. Congratulations to the following students:

Symonn Wallacehoskin

Charley Wallacehoskin

Nihmaren Ioane

Nathan Bell

Jaelen Hikaka

Jacob Frowde

Jaetaami Fraser

Charlotte McConnell

Edison Zhou 

Patricia Fung

Matthew O’Connor

Levi Jordan

Xavier Lo

India Green

Ian Koo

Allister van Mil

Amelia Blamey

Eliza Blamey

Taylor Rogers

Cameron Rogers

Gurnoor Singh

Francis Wee

Erik Bielby

Daniel Mar

Jason Grubner

Ben Good

Aaron Bruce

Alexandra Hollands

Drew Baldwin

Danny De Jong

Mr Speakman Returns to NZ

Item Date: 04-May-2014

bullet Mr Speakman and his skilled instructors are heading back to New Zealand. After a three year absence, and they are bringing the 5.0 Fighter and Kenpo Self Defence system to training camps around New Zealand, August 24th - 5th May. If your interested in attending see local instructors for more information or check back here.

Fabian Niwa Memorial Tournament 2014

Item Date: 13-Aug-2013

bullet NZ Kenpo5.0 will remember our fallen brother and mentor on Saturday August 23rd in New Plymouth.

The date is significant in Kenpo NZ's history as our dear friend, mentor, sensei Mr Fabian Niwa passed away in 2012. This tournament will held annually in his honour. Registration forms are available from your instructors.

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27th - Chinese & American Kenpo Tournament


15th - National Grading

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