We teach Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 karate system to all ages (adults/kids) and levels of physical capability.

Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 is an international organisation in over 21 countries around the world.

Kenpo is a comprehensive martial art or karate system for self defense, designed with one purpose in mind, “You are your Welfare”.

We encourage an environment of mutual respect, co-operation and discipline that helps build your confidence. Kenpo is a self defense system first and foremost. We focus on streetwise self defense teaching each individual to utilise their own body structure to be as effective weapon as possible. Kenpo employs the use of concepts and principles of motion like physics, geometry and mathematics to assist with learning the system.

2013 Black Belts

Item Date: 24-Dec-2013

bullet Congratulations to those that joined the Black Belt ranks this year, our latest four from Mt Albert club,

  • Patricia Fung - Jnr Black
  • Matthew O'Connor - Jnr Black
  • Liam Rudd - Jnr Black
  • Danny Rudd - Jnr Black

Others from this year include:

  • Amelia Blamey - Jnr Black, Rising Dragon Club
  • Shane Wallacehoskin - 2nd Degree Black, Taranaki
  • Sophie Mancer - Jnr Black, Taranaki
  • Nikaylah Hoskin - Adv Jnr Black, Taranaki
  • Mark Robinson - 4th Degree Black, Cambridge
  • Ben Good - 1st Degree Black, Cambridge
  • Luke Olsen - 1st Degree Black, Cambridge
  • Simon Low - 5th Degree Black, Auckland

5.0 Fighter World Cup 2013

Item Date: 13-Aug-2013

Fantastic results for NZ Team!
Seven months of training and hard work paid off for the entire team.   We completely kicked butt! Every student had a placing in more than one event and have done their coaches, family and themselves proud!

Black/Brown belt divisions go on to compete head to head in the Champion of Champions round at the formal dinner on the Saturday night in front of Grand Masters from various forms of Martial Arts. Out of the 10 categories an NZ competed in 8 of these with Grand Champion status going to:  
  • Amelia Blamey in Teen Self Defence; 
  • Matthew O’Connor in Kids Forms

Also well done to the following who also managed to take the stage in this prestigious title; Patricia Fung, Ben Good, Simon Low, Jacob Frowde & Samantha Frowde..

For full resiults check out our news page and photos are on our Facebook site.
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24th - National Adult Grading, Blockhouse Bay


11-13th - Lake Karapiro Camp & Tournament


27th - Las Vegas World Cup

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